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Offshore & Onshore Rope Access


Industrial rope techniques

Offshore & Onshore Rope Access for the industry,
wind energy and the Oil & Gas sector

Sky-Access Ltd. is committed to mechanical and electrical engineering through an industrial rope technique: Rope Access. This includes assembly and disassembly, welding activities, NDO, (tank) inspections, construction work, blasting and paintwork, blade repair and blade inspection. Industry,
On- & Offshore Wind and Offshore Oil & Gas, are our main areas of expertise.

"In 80 to 90% of all cases, employing Rope Access services is less costly than using your own personnel on the scaffold"

Sky-Access Ltd. performs its high-altitude activities using Rope Access. In many cases, this represents a safer and more cost-efficient method of working.

Sky-Access is Gazellen 2013

Het Financieele Dagblad - Gazellen 2013

Sky-Access is one of them!

For the tenth time in a row, the Dutch financial newspaper 'Het Financieele Dagblad', awarded the FD Gazelle Award to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. This year, Sky-Access is proud to be one of them.




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Sky Access Rope Access

Is Rope Access the best solution?

We will think along with you, the customer, in order to advise you well, even if this advice could mean something different than Rope Access.

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