rope access

With the Rope Access technique, Sky-Access provides expert technical maintenance in difficult access situations, both within the Industry and the Offshore branch.

High-quality mechanical and electrical engineering maintenance carried out by certified technicians, specialised in this sector.

The unique combination of blade inspection and repair. Rope access saves considerable time and money.

Innovative, modular platforms are a safer, easier and more efficient alternative to conventional suspended scaffolding.


Sky-Access BV utilises Rope Access, an industrial rope access system, to provide expert mechanical and electrical engineering maintenance services. Erection and dismantling, welding, NDT, (tank) inspections, construction work, spraying/painting, blade repair and blade inspection. Our key areas of expertise are: industry, onshore and offshore wind and offshore oil & gas.

Safe and Quick

In many cases, Rope Access delivers more than cost savings it’s safer and quicker, too. Unlike conventional scaffolding, which takes time to erect and dismantle, Rope Access is quick. It also ensures work can be carried out safely and reliably in difficult access situations at height. The Rope Access technique is a fast, effective means to complete complex technical projects.

In 80 to 90% of cases, it’s more cost-effective to hire Rope Access technicians for the work than having your own crew do the job on scaffolding.

Sky-Access utilises the Rope Access technique to carry out work in hard-to-reach zones, or at height. Typically, Rope Access is a safer, faster and more economical way of working.

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